.:Sudexpress scale model trains emerges in 2008 as an extension of NORBRASS in the area of railway modeling, in plastic. Its main goal is the production of high quality models, available to a wider market. The manufacture of these models uses the latest technologies in drawing and injection molding processes, in accordance with the philosophy of precision and quality characteristic of NORBRASS.

.: Its name derives from the famous train Sud-Express which connects the french capital to Lisbon through Madrid, since 1887.

.: To meet the desires of the wide variety of railway modellers, Sudexpress scale model trainspresents three lines of products - KIT series, Standard e Premium. As the name suggests, KIT series line has models made of unassembled parts at a very affordable price. Standard line has models assembled and ready to roll with great detail and at an affordable price. Premium line has the greatest detail, with top of the range models, true scale replicas.

.: Sudexpress scale model trains is a trademark of Armando Lobato.