First Sgnss wagons arrived

by Sudexpress

Posted on 16/01/2019 at 00:49

First Sgnss wagons arrived

This week the first Sgnss Iberian container wagons will be available in stores and usual Sudexpress products re-selling points. The current references open for sales are:

- Takargo Sgnss Ref.: SUTK03417
- Takargo Sgnss Ref.: SUTK00917
- Comsa Sgnss Ref.: SUCM04017
- Continental Rail Sgnss Ref.: SUCR00617
- Renfe Sgnss Ref.: SURE00317
- Renfe Sgnss Ref.: SUREB4517
- Renfe Mercancias Sgnss Ref.: SURM02617

- In the start of February the remaining announced references will arrive:

- Takargo Sgnss Ref.: SUTK01717
- Comsa Sgnss Ref.: SUCM03517
- VTG Sgnss Ref.: SUVT03417
- Continental Rail Sgnss Ref.: SUCR00717
- Renfe Sgnss Ref.: SURE04517

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