BSAS Zacns and first CP Schindler Delivery

by Sudexpress

Posted on 05/03/2024 at 16:46

BSAS Zacns and first CP Schindler Delivery

It is with great pleasure that we announce that next Monday, the long awaited BSAS M.A.D Zacns tank wagons and first 2 CP Schindler sets in H0 scale, will arrive and be distributed accordingly to orders.

To know wich models and/or versions will be arriving soon, please check the list of references below at the end of this newsletter.

Unfortunately, due to the Red Sea crisis and its threat to global maritime shipping, our in-transit products are expected to suffer significant delays, due to the long and costly detour around the African continent.

Your Sudepxress team.

  • BSAS M.A.D Zacns
    • S783901 - 3 p. Set "BEAR", "GRAND DANOIS", "DOLPHIN" *NEW*
    • S783902 - 3 p. Set "ZEBRA", "ELEPHANT", "PANHTER" *NEW*
    • S783903 - 3 p. Set "PIKE FISH", "TIGER", "GORILA" *NEW*
    • S783904 - 3 p. Set "HAWK", "LION", "RHINO" *NEW*
    • S783905 - 3 p. Set "MAD BSAS ELP", 2x "ZUG:KUNFT" *NEW*
  • CP Schindler
    • S1101 - 2 p. set Ctyf 1201, Btyf 1105 *NEW*
    • S1102 - 3 p. set Ctyf 1240, Ctyf 1221, Asyf 1103 *NEW*


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