VFLI E4048

Ref.: S404819
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Stadler Euro4000

DC motor


Stadler Euro4000 Diesel-electric locomotive in VFLI livery
UIC Road number: 92 87 0004 048-0
Metal chassis and body in high quality injection plastic
Rigorous detail photoengraved brass parts
Rigorous detail reproduction
Detailed reproductions of cabin interior
5 pole motor with flywheel
All wheel drive
Working lights according to direction of travel
Track operation code 70, 75, 83 and 100

Number of driven axles 6
Coupling NEM 362 shaft with KK-Kinematics
Minimum radius 358mm
Flywheel Yes
Interface 21 pin MTC Socket (NEM660)
Motor 5 poles
Length over buffer 265mm
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