Consists Book #3

Ref.: S1003

Portuguese Consists between Minho and Douro + NG after 1975

By Eugénio Santos


Sudexpress, in collaboration with Eugénio Santos, is delighted to launch this third book/practical guide with several schematized railway consists, referring to the Minho and Douro lines and also narrow gague lines. In particular, the railway reality after 1975, with some incursions until the 60s.
This book, together with the two previous ones, closes the cycle of the most recent railway consits, having as main objectives to serve as a visual reference for collectors and railway model makers to form their real consists and leave for posterity a record of this part of the history of the trains in Portugal. The various consists were digitally processed both in terms of vector design and post-production by the author, using photographs or eyewitness testimonies as a source of information.
This book with metallic rings in matte laminated hardcover has 98 pages and will be sold in the usual physical stores as well as in the Sudexpress online store for a MRSP of €24.99. Get your copy now!

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