BSAS 159 209

Ref.: S1592091
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Stadler EuroDual

DC analogic version


Stadler EuroDual dual mode locomotive in BSAS (BSAS EisenbahnVerkehrs GmbH & Co. KG) livery
UIC Road number: 159 209-6

DC analogic version
Spring loaded working buffers
Motorized roof cooling fans from factory (on digital operation)
Future proof pantograph motorisation (future upgrade will be available)
Factory installed single "sugar cube" 11x15mm speaker
Working lights and Cab light according to direction of travel
Interior machine room lighting (on digital operation)
Electronics and prototypical LokSound designed by ESU electronic solutions ulm GmbH & Co. KG
Recommended DCC decoder: ESU LokPilot 5
Recommended sound decoder: ESU LokSound V5.0 21MTC
Metal chassis and body in high quality injection plastic
Free-standing handles - partially made of metal
Extensive use of photo etched parts
Rigorous and detailed reproduction
Detailed reproductions of cabin interior
Track operation code 70, 75, 83 and 10

Officially licensed product by Stadler
Developed in cooperation with BSAS EisenbahnVerkehrs GmbH & Co. KG and Gudrun Geiblinger Design

Number of driven axles 6
Coupling NEM 362 shaft with KK-Kinematics
Minimum radius 358mm
Flywheel Yes
Interface 21 pin MTC Socket (NEM660)
Motor 5 poles
Length over buffer 266mm
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