CP Schindler coach set

Ref.: S1105
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3 piece CP Schindler coach set

White and red livery


CP Schindler coaches.
The set contains the following 3 coaches:
-CP 21-22 026-9 2nd Class Saloon
-CP 21-22 023-6 2nd Class Saloon
-CP 19-22 042-0 1st Class Saloon
Coach in high quality injection plastic
Rigorous reproduction of the real prototype
High level of detail
Precise pad printing
Diverse detail parts included (hoses and couplers)
Premium packaging
Track operation code 75, 83 and 100

Number of driven axles
Coupling NEM 362 shaft with KK-Kinematics
Minimum radius 400mm
Length over buffer 271mm
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