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EuroDual: Future H0 versions poll

EuroDual: Future H0 versions poll

Our first run of EuroDual locomotives is currently in full mass production, meanwhile, here at Sudexpress we are already planning head the second run of locomotives! Therefor be opened up a poll (Google Forms link down bellow) to study the most desirable liveries among enthusiast, we will pick the top 5 for the second production run. We would like to here the community's opinion and feedback so please vote in the poll for your favorite liveries that you would absolutely love to see in H0 scale!

EuroDual Poll - Google Forms

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EuroDual: A brief introduction to our new model

EuroDual: A brief introduction to our new model

The Sudexpress team is delighted to present the first painted EuroDual pre-series samples to finally sweeten up the long delay that this project has suffered. Nevertheless we are closer and closer to the release date, now estimated for June 2021.
Please note in the pictures that the models shown are painted pre-series samples. Not all parts have ben finished or painted yet, colours may change in appearance. The samples do not represent the finished product.

Key features:
AC and DC versions available (download our PDF leafleat down bellow)
DC version - DC analogic from factory
AC version - AC Digital from factory (ESU LokPilot 5 included)
Spring loaded working buffers
Motorized roof cooling fans from factory (on digital operation - all versions)
Future proof pantograph motorisation (future upgrade will be available)
Factory installed dual "sugar cube" 11x15mm speakers (all versions)
Working lights and Cab light according to direction of travel
Electronics and prototypical LokSound designed by ESU electronic solutions ulm GmbH & Co. KG
Recommended DCC decoder: ESU LokPilot 5
Recommended sound decoder: ESU LokSound V5.0 21MTC
Metal chassis and body in high quality injection plastic
Free-standing handles - partially made of metal
Extensive use of photo etched parts
Rigorous detail reproduction
Detailed reproductions of cabin interior
Track operation code 70, 75, 83 and 100

Number of driven axles 6 (all wheel AC/DC pickup)
Coupling NEM 362 shaft with KK-Kinematics
Minimum radius 358mm
Flywheel Yes, 2x
Decoder Interface 21 pin MTC Socket (NEM660)
Motor 5 poles
Length over buffer 266mm
Estimated weight 598g


EuroDual Flickr Album

EuroDual Leafleat

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Sorefame Sets: 2 more Arriving

Sorefame Sets: 2 more Arriving

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the two Sorefame sets that were delayed as previously announced, specifically the sets S0319 and S0819. The distribution will start next week at usual shopss and selling points.

Best regards
The Sudexpress Team

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More Sgnss with Eucalyptus!

More Sgnss with Eucalyptus!

We are preparing 5 new references of Sgnss wagons with real eucalyptus wood load. As the loads are produced by hand, we remind our customers that the production is slower and depends directly on the orders and pre-orders received, from the usual shops and selling points. Delivery will take place as soon as possible and according to the order in which orders are received.

SUTK03421 Takargo Sgnss 38 94 455 2 034-6
SUTK07321 Takargo Sgnss 38 94 455 2 073-4
SUTK07421 Takargo Sgnss 38 94 455 2 074-2
SUCM04221 Comsa Sgnss 38 71 455 2 042-6
SUVT00021 VTG Sgnss 34 71 455 2 000-8

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Takargo Sgnss with wood load

Takargo Sgnss with wood load

We present a new reference (Ref .: SUTK07321) in our range of Takargo Sgnss wagons in H0 scale.
In this Sgnss, with UIC number 38 94 455 2 073-4 and Innofreight stanchions, the highlight goes to the real load of eucalyptus wood and the detail of the straps securing the logs in place.

You will be able to purchase this new wagon in the next few days from the usual stores and seling pints with a MRP of 61 €.

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