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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We at Sudexpress scale model trains wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our community.

We want to apologize again for the delays we faced and thank you all for your kind understanding and support throughout 2021. But it's time to look forward to 2022 and we at Sudexpress have been listening carefully to the feedback from the community, after receiving in hands the first models of this first EuroDual production run. Therefore, we want to commit to a continuous effort in making our models even better and push the limits to reach the highest quality standards possible, with the most affordable prices always in mind. Below you can find a non comprehensive list of all the improvements and features that we are working on for the next EuroDual models to be produced in 2022.

1- Overall pad printing quality improvements
2- Shorter sand pipes
3- Improved DC and AC wheel profiles
4- Improved interior speaker with superior audio quality and larger speaker baffle
5- Undergoing research for better UV printing quality
6- "Machine room" interior and digital controlled LED ligthing.
7- Undergoing research for less noisy and lower RPM cooling fans
8- Improved photo etched side grids with more "see through" capability.
9- Underneath traction motor and gearbox details like in the real life counterpart (DC models only)
10- Improved cab door frames with higher pad printing quality and precision
11- Closed pilot/snow plow available for display
12- STADLER logos on all Windows
13- Improved buffers with correct length, less spring tension and axial rotation.
14- Lots and lots of new liveries and rail operators!
We are also very proud to announce that Sudexpress has expanded to Germany and is now offering direct Repair&Support services for the German market. Starting from 2022, spare part supply, repairs and customer support will be much quicker and without the hassle of sending models or parts back and forward between Germany and Portugal. Please save the following contact from Sudexpress Support Deutschland for the future:

Sudexpress Support Deutschland
André Regenspurger
Steinhof 10
99831 Amt Creuzburg OT Creuzburg

Please note that the illustrations and features here mentioned are not final may be subject of change.

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Sorefame Sets on sale!

Sorefame Sets on sale!

In this holiday season the following Sorefame sets are with 10% discount on MRSP:

Take advantage of this special Christmas campaign now at the usual stores and points of sale.

Best regards
The Sudexpress Team

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EuroDual in N scale - first pictures!

EuroDual in N scale - first pictures!

And now with the first Stadler EuroDual models in H0 Scale rolling out, its time for a N Scale (1:160) teaser! In our Flickr gallery you can find all the official photos in high resolution.

Let us know your feedback and what you think about them.

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EuroDual Update #3: Delivering!

EuroDual Update #3: Delivering!

Finaly! Starting from tomorrow on and until late December, the first production run of Stadler EuroDual locomotives in H0 scale will gradually reach stores.
We apologize again for the seemingly endless delays and setbacks in these odd times we are living right now. Thank you all for your patience and understanding and we hope that all our customers can enjoy this great mode l, which Sudexpress is very proud of.
Your Sudepxress team.

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EuroDual Update #2: Delivery Status

EuroDual Update #2: Delivery Status

Producing the much anticipated EuroDual locomotives in H0 scale during a global pandemic has created unforeseen challenges for our production team.
We hoped that the production would run without significant delays and other setbacks, but given the scale and scope of the EuroDual project, unfortunately that was not possible, and we are facing multiple issues along our first production batch, delaying our EuroDual release further in time. Global supply chain bottlenecks coupled with a shortage of raw materials and human resources are pushing up prices, facing all time highs for production costs and shipping freight rates without any signs of a drop in the near future. Sudexpress is trying to absorb as many costs as possible, but we are unfortunately forced to slightly increase our market retail prices for all our EuroDual versions to cope with this ever rising costs (Please consult our new price list). We normally ship our production by air, but with the prohibitive air freight rates we will also have to go with sea shipment. We are planning to receive and deliver just a small batch of one to two EuroDual versions in mid October via air, and the rest of the versions by sea in December 2021.

Your enthusiasm for the EuroDual models has been very inspiring. We truly believe in the models that we're making, and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we put all our effort and resources to deliver as quickly and with the highest quality standards as possible.

Best regards
Your Sudexpress team

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