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First Sgnss wagons arrived

First Sgnss wagons arrived

This week the first Sgnss Iberian container wagons will be available in stores and usual Sudexpress products re-selling points. The current references open for sales are:

- Takargo Sgnss Ref.: SUTK03417
- Takargo Sgnss Ref.: SUTK00917
- Comsa Sgnss Ref.: SUCM04017
- Continental Rail Sgnss Ref.: SUCR00617
- Renfe Sgnss Ref.: SURE00317
- Renfe Sgnss Ref.: SUREB4517
- Renfe Mercancias Sgnss Ref.: SURM02617

- In the start of February the remaining announced references will arrive:

- Takargo Sgnss Ref.: SUTK01717
- Comsa Sgnss Ref.: SUCM03517
- VTG Sgnss Ref.: SUVT03417
- Continental Rail Sgnss Ref.: SUCR00717
- Renfe Sgnss Ref.: SURE04517

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Laagrss Arrived!

Laagrss Arrived!

The first batch of Laagrss wagons is now available for purchase from the usual retail shops and the Sudexpress Online Shop.

In the section Products>Wagons you can find the 14 references that we have available for you!

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CIWL S2T & S3 sleeper coach set

CIWL S2T & S3 sleeper coach set

We present, in exclusive and limited partnership between Sudexpress and LS Models, a Set of 3 CIWL S2T & S3 type sleeper coaches 2787, 2931 and 2960 of the Spanish fleet (epoch IVa).
It is an extremely limited edition of 150 sets.

You can buy your set at the usual selling points and shops.
Estimated delivery from next week.

PVP 255 €


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Laagrss wagons and Intermodal Swap Bodies

Laagrss wagons and Intermodal Swap Bodies

With the release of the first photos of the Laagrss wagons on our flickr and social networks, we would like to announce that pre-orders for the wagon and the intermodal swap bodies are now open at the usual selling points.

- There will be 14 references available in the first edition of the Laagrss (All announced in the leaflets except the refs .: SUTF03517, SUTF32617 and SUTF45517 that have been postponed for the second edition)

- 11 references of swap bodies

Delivery will be between the end of October and the beginning of November.

See Flickr

See Leaflets

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CIWL sleeper coach S2 2796

CIWL sleeper coach S2 2796

Another exclusive and limited partnership between Sudexpress and LS Models: the CIWL sleeper coach S2 2796 of the Portuguese fleet (epoch IIIB period 1951-1960).
This coach is ideal for International train consists across Portugal and Spain, like the famous Sudexpress o Lusitânia trains.

You can per-order the sleeper coach in the usual stores or in the Sudexpress online store. Delivery is planed for the next week.
For more details see the
product page.

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